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What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Is it knowing that you’re making a difference in people’s lives? Showing them how to take their health into their own hands, to learn a new way to live?

There are lots of noble reasons people enter the world of health care, but we’ll wager one of them wasn’t to put out well-written, high-quality content.

And yet, that’s exactly what has the power to take your business to the next level.

There’s no easier way to share your knowledge and expertise with the world, all the while building authority and awareness around your brand. But writing this kind of content is complex and time-consuming.

  • It needs to be well-researched, accurate, and informative while being interesting and engaging…

  • Useful and applicable to a wide range of people, yet specific enough to speak directly to a target audience…

  • Accessible and easy to understand, but educational…

And when you’re running a health practice or wellness company, it needs to pull double duty and bring new clients through the door, too. Oh, and most importantly of all…it needs to sound like you.

But can you trust someone else with such an important job? It takes a special type of writer to strike this kind of balance.

Do these unicorns exist? We’re so glad you asked!

Lindsey Gainer
Lindsey Gainer
Marilyn Starkenberg
Marilyn Starkenberg
Lindsey Gainer
Lindsey Gainer
About Us

Unique Writers for Your Unique Needs

Hi! We’re Lindsey and Marilyn, unicorn one and two.

It’s not that we think we’re better than other writers — far from it. There are tons of talented writers out there, and we support and admire them all. But we’ve spent years honing our craft and focusing on health and wellness writing specifically so we can deliver exactly the kind of content you need, written exactly the way you want it written.

We don’t just love writing — we’re passionate about functional medicine and all forms of natural and integrative health care, and we’ve made it our mission to help spread the word about it far and wide. We even have a medical reviewer on staff who’s standing by to review your content, if needed, so you can rest assured it will meet your high standards.

You can read more about what makes us different here.

Marilyn Starkenberg
Marilyn Starkenberg
Our Services & Pricing

Right now, though, we want to talk about you.

How can we help you help others? That’s why you got into the field of health in the first place, isn’t it?

The more people you reach with your mission, the more people you can help. And we offer plenty of ways to do that.

Choose from our packages, or create your own (with our assistance, if desired) to get you exactly what you need to stand out online.


Get More New Patients in 30 Minutes a Week

Do you find yourself...

• At a loss for social media post ideas?
• Feeling like you don’t have time to keep up with a social platform?
• Wondering if the payoff is even worth the effort?

We’ve got good news — it’s not as hard as you think, creating posts for a month can happen in as little as 30 minutes a week, and it definitely IS worth the effort!

Download our free e-guide today to learn our easy, six-step process.

Top Tips for a Converting Homepage

Who We Help

We welcome the opportunity to work with anyone in the healthcare industry who would love help with their content. The types of practitioners and specialties we typically work with include:

  • Chiropractors

  • Functional medicine doctors

  • Health coaches

  • NTPs/FNTPs

  • Nutritionists/dietitians

  • Integrative medicine centers

  • Massage therapists

  • Acupuncturists

  • TCM doctors

  • Mental health professionals

If you're not in this list but are still in the world of healthcare, we didn't leave you out on purpose! We simply work with too many types of practitioners to list them all. Don't let it deter you--reach out today to see what we can do for you!


Don't Take Our Word For It


Discovery Calls

We’re confident that you’ll see the value in having people at the ready who understand your vision, tone of voice, wants, and even your desired target market. With our years of experience, you don’t have to worry about working with someone who just doesn’t “get you.” We’re certain that we will. That’s why we’re currently offering a free 15-minute calls with anyone who wants to learn more about what we do--and how we can help you form that continual new patient pipeline, while elevating the relationship you have with existing patients.