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 The Health Writers

Who Are We?

Hey there! We’re Lindsey and Marilyn, the people behind The Health Writers. You already know from our name that we’re health-focused writers, but it sure leaves out a lot.

We met back in 2015 when both of us were working for Perfect Patients. With a similar background — both Midwest girls with a passion for writing — we were fast friends.

After our time working with chiropractors, we moved on to the world of functional medicine, which was transformative for both of us, personally and professionally.

It wasn’t long before we realized that the knowledge we’d gained over the years could provide a huge amount of value to practitioners, and it was time to share what we had with the world. That’s how the concept of The Health Writers was born.

Read a little more about each of us below!


Lindsey Gainer, B.A.

The world of health and wellness has always fascinated me; so much so, in fact, that I started down the road to become a Physician Assistant at one point. As you can imagine, those classes have proven incredibly helpful in writing health content — the medical terminology, biology, and anatomy courses I took allow me to easily break down complex topics into accessible content that anyone can use to better understand and improve their health. And that’s where my true passion lies!

But I’m getting ahead of myself…let’s start at the beginning.

My parents deserve the lion’s share of the credit for instilling a love of healthy living in me at a young age. I can still remember my dad leading me and my sister in a chant every time we’d drive by our local fast food restaurant: “Bad for your body, bad for your body!” we’d enthusiastically exclaim, before heading home to one of my mom’s healthy homemade smoothies. We joke about it now, but those mindsets stick with you throughout life…they helped shape me into the health nut I am today, and I’m forever grateful!

After graduating with my degree in Journalism from Malone University in Canton, OH, my career took a few twists and turns through corporate and nonprofit communications, public relations, and client management before I settled into freelance writing and editing. I appreciate that I’ve had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients in different industries over the years — but I’m forever drawn back to creating and editing health and wellness content. It’s the perfect marriage of one of my greatest interests with one of my strongest skills. I feel like I can truly make a difference in people’s lives doing this work, and that’s extremely important to me.

When the opportunity to partner with Marilyn presented itself, I couldn’t jump at the chance fast enough. Not only is she one of the most talented writers and communicators I know, she’s incredibly kind, encouraging, and extremely motivated to help others. To know her is to love her, as you’ll see!

My relationships with God, my husband, family, and friends are my top priority – that’s where you’ll find me investing most of my time. I also love being outside in the sun, trying all the latest health foods, traveling, reading, puzzles, and ALL the furry animals.

I can’t wait to meet you!


Marilyn Starkenberg, B.Sc, MBA

I was born and raised in Wisconsin in what I like to call a ”chiropractic family.” The world of natural health has always been a part of who I am. My parents were eating weird-looking green organic things long before it ever became a fad, and trust me, as a kid, I thought it was the WORST.

I’m thanking them for it now, though!

After living in the same state my whole life, I experienced a pretty huge life change when I met and fell in love with a foreigner. The first time I set foot outside the country was to move to Sweden, sight unseen. Love will make you do crazy things, right? Luckily, that all worked out.

I attended Jönköping University to get my bachelor’s degree in the International Management program. That being done, I figured, why not just jump right into a master’s? (Yes, the rumors are true; university is free in Sweden.) I completed my master’s degree in the International Marketing program, which gives me a well-rounded education in all things management and marketing.

I started a family over here in Sweden that includes my husband and our two daughters, Emilia and Matilda (also known as Emi and Tilly).

Through the years, the world of natural health has remained where my interest and passion lies. I get adjusted regularly, practice the principles taught in functional medicine, and am always looking to the cause before I treat the symptom. It was this passion that led to me meeting Lindsey for the first time, and we’ve been colleagues and friends ever since. She inspires me to write better content; to think up better headlines, to find more inspiration, and to challenge myself to write better. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to partner up with her!

I have two other huge passions that keep me going outside of my family: communication, and serving others. Being a content professional lets me combine those loves. There’s nothing I’d enjoy more than to get to know you, talk about what you’d love to see happen in your business, and figure out a way that I can assist you. Let’s talk!


Discovery Calls

We’re confident that you’ll see the value in having people at the ready who understand your vision, tone of voice, wants, and even your desired target market. With our years of experience, you don’t have to worry about working with someone who just doesn’t “get you.” We’re certain that we will. That’s why we’re currently offering a free 15-minute calls with anyone who wants to learn more about what we do--and how we can help you form that continual new patient pipeline, while elevating the relationship you have with existing patients.