Could your blog be a new patient pipeline?

January 4, 2024

Does just hearing the word “blog” make you groan? 

Sounds like something that takes up way too much of your time, right? Something you’d have to spend hours of your weekend doing, or taking time away from your precious family. And there’s a good chance you’re already pretty overwhelmed trying to juggle everything on your plate. 

So what if we told you that you’re already writing blogs, every single day when you see your patients?

Blogging Made Easy

Every practitioner we’ve ever met gives their patients, clients, or practice members incredibly valuable advice. A chiropractor isn’t limited to knowledge just about the spine. A functional nutrition practitioner doesn’t only talk about food or supplements.

You are a wealth of knowledge, but because you live this lifestyle and talk to your clients about it every day, you don’t realize how valuable that knowledge is.

That is where we recommend your blog comes in.

Your blog can contain those exact same pieces of wisdom and advice you give your patients every day. 

Or it can contain the questions you get most often from prospective and current clients. 

Or it can bust the myths you most commonly hear about your focus of practice. 

Once you start noticing these patterns in what people are curious about, you’re going to realize they could make a valuable blog post.

woman typing

Our Top 5 Reasons We Think You Need a Blog…

Still uncertain? Great — because we’ve got more ways to convince you! 

  • 1

    To Build Trust

    No prospective patient will ever choose a healthcare provider that they don’t trust, right? Your blog gives you a chance to build that authority. By showing your commitment to sharing your knowledge and creating a healthier community, readers will begin to trust you.

  • 2

    Answering Patient Questions

    How often have you thought to yourself, “If only I had more time with Mr. Doe…” and thought of what you’d be able to teach him, given enough time? It happens a lot! Your blog is a great resource for existing patients, too, allowing you to enhance your relationships with them even when they’re not in your practice.

  • 3

    Showcasing Specializations

    Most practitioners we work with have a condition or group of people they like to work with the most. Or they have services that many in the community aren’t even aware of. Your blog gives you a chance to show off everything you offer.

  • 4

    Improving Search Engine Ranking

    There’s nothing Google loves more than fresh, quality content. Regular blog posts that give good, usable information are going to be valued by the reader, and the more people click on your blog and get the info they’re looking for, the higher Google will rank you for that search query. 

  • 5

    Marketing Without a High Price Tag

    We’ve seen practitioners pour tens of thousands of dollars per month into marketing. When you consider that writing a blog (or recording yourself speaking and transcribing it later) could take as little as a few minutes, it’s pretty cost-effective.

…Or a vlog!

Some practitioners just really don’t like sitting down at the computer and typing. Not your thing? Consider setting up a YouTube channel and videoing yourself giving the exact same advice or information. It’s called a “vlog,” or a “video blog.” You could even hire a VA to transcribe these videos for you and turn them into written blogs.

While you’re at it, have the VA use those same videos or blogs to create social graphics. That’s what we call content recycling, and it’s one of our favorite things to teach practitioners that saves them tons of time on their marketing efforts! 

Video format will even give you an advantage that written blogs don’t offer: showing off your personality. When people feel like they get to know who you are as a person, they can start to form an emotional connection with you. That means you’re going to be the practitioner they choose when they decide they’re ready for your services. 

And again, you can direct your current clients to your videos when you don’t have time to go over something with them in-person, or when they seem particularly engaged and you know they’d benefit from more info.


Want blogs, but just can’t do them yourself? We’d be happy to do them for you! You name the topics, or we can choose if you’re not sure. You can tell us any particulars you want to be sure we touch on them, or simply tell us to take the reins if you’d rather we do that. Just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to get started!