Online Healthcare Reputation Management

October 12, 2023

Everyone wants to be the best healthcare practitioner in their field. But that doesn’t always translate to having the best reviews online. To ensure you’re attractive to new clients, you need to make sure you know all about online healthcare reputation management.

What is healthcare reputation management?

Healthcare reputation management is the process of managing your reputation online–how your brand is viewed. It has the power to build your authority in your industry, bring in more new clients, and increase the trust current patients or clients have in you.

People look at reviews before they make decisions in healthcare. If you have dozens of 5-star reviews, you’ll be chosen over the practitioner down the road who only has a 3-star rating.

At first, you might think that your online reputation isn’t something you can control. As you’ll soon learn, however, there is much you can do to improve it.

90% of patients use online reviews to evaluate physicians. -Source

Action Items for Healthcare Reputation Management

There are several things you can do right now to start improving your reputation online.

Create and claim listings

Google Business Profile, Yelp, Healthgrades, Facebook–you might not even know that you have automatically generated listings on all of these if you haven’t taken a look…but you do! If you haven’t claimed them yet, do so immediately. You can check that the information listed is correct and read through any reviews to start understanding how your reputation looks right now.

Fill out all information

Take advantage of adding your office hours, your business category, and even a little bio where space is provided for you. Why is this important? It makes your listing look active and attractive. Between a competitor’s listing that looks as if nobody’s ever touched it and yours that’s filled with information, a client will choose you every time.

Add pictures

Don’t forget to add photos whenever there is space to do so in an online listing. Include the outside of your office as well as the inside. Ask family members or friends to act as your clients or patients for the day so that your rooms look like they’re full of happy people…rather than an empty place where nobody wants to be.

You don’t need to pay a professional photographer, either–most current smartphones take pictures that will more than suffice for your online listings. It might be worth having your practitioner headshots professionally taken, but be sure you also have candids of you with your clients in the listing. We do, however, recommend professional photography for your website! You can read more about that here.

Regularly monitor your listings

Choose someone in the office (it’ll be you if you’re a one-person show, but it won’t take long!) to regularly look through all your professional listings. Don’t make it something that’s only checked off once a year, because you want to be timely and respond to every review.

Try to shoot for checking your listing and responding once a week if you tend to get many online reviews, or at least once every few weeks for those with fewer reviews.

Reply to every review…even negative ones

We know; it’s tough to read criticism about yourself. But that also has the power to help you grow. When you get a negative review on one of your listings, being defensive won’t help your online reputation.

Instead, think of it as your opportunity to show your character and your ability to resolve conflict. As the practitioner, you should always respond personally, show that you’re eager to find a resolution, and express that you’re apologetic about their negative experience (regardless of whose fault it was!).

Something else to consider: in an article by Harvard Business Review, having managers respond to reviews actually made people rethink leaving a negative review…which can be to your advantage!

Review your website

Patients will be quick to navigate to your website to check out whether they feel you’re authoritative and trustworthy. You should have a website that loads quickly and has a modern look and feel. Anything else will leave a negative first impression, and likely won’t get you that new patient. Make sure the content on your website is updated and written with conversion in mind. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

Expand reach with content recycling

Did you know that you can embed your reviews right on your website? You can choose which are displayed, so you won’t have to worry about negative ones popping up.

Get creative here: you could take a part of a client testimonial and add it to a graphic to use for a social media post on “Testimonial Tuesdays” to show off your positive reputation, too!

Be a thought leader

Share content with the world that shows off that you’re an expert in your field. Take videos of you at your practice, give tips that the average person might not know about, and share your success stories. Build an email list, and give them all the free advice they could ever wish for.

The possibilities for content are practically limitless. One of the most effective ways to do so is through blogging.

With one blog, you can repurpose and create several more pieces of content.

Share a link to the blog for a social media post

  • Pull out single sentences for “quote cards” to post on your social media
  • Send an email to your list with a teaser of the blog, encouraging them to visit your website to read it in full
  • Expand on a blog idea in a lead magnet, like an infographic or checklist, that you can give away as a free download (see our home page for an example of a free download!)
  • Make a video clip explaining an idea you bring up in the blog to use on social media
  • Use two blogs that have related ideas and combine them into an e-book you can use as a lead magnet

Ready to boost your reputation?

We know you’ve got incredible gifts to share with the world. It’s not only about what you do every day with your clients, but about the vast knowledge you have that can improve peoples’ lives. Let us turn it into content that will boost your authority and get more clients in your door. Get in contact with us today!