Functional Medicine Copywriting

You’ve transformed people’s lives with functional medicine. Yet you find yourself feeling frustrated, not knowing how to help people understand the power it has to change their entire existence. You’d like to just shout it from the rooftops–and that’s exactly what our content will do for you, to the entire digital world.

Let’s be honest: you shouldn’t have to “sell” anyone on functional medicine. The principles of eating what your body needs, leaving out what it doesn’t, moving your body, getting proper sleep, detoxing your life–these feel like simple, back-to-basics ideas.

But to your average person, these are revolutionary principles that they might never think of on their own.

That’s where we enter the picture.

Lindsey and Marilyn will get your content out in the world so that people understand that you’re an expert in your field. No more trying to convince people that what you do is powerful. Your content will make that abundantly clear, and then you let them come to you!

functional medicine marketing

Suited to Your Business Model

Some functional medicine doctors see patients in-office, while others offer services completely online. You may work one-on-one with patients or run groups of people who are participating in the same type of program.

Lindsey and Marilyn have worked with all of these business models before and understand the unique challenges that come with each. Nothing is ever perfect for everyone! 

But with the right content for your functional medicine business, you can

  • Get more new clients

  • Manage and enhance relationships with existing clients

  • Reactivate clients who need to come in again

Services for Functional Medicine Marketing

Several forms of content are offered to help you market your functional medicine business:

  • Blogs

  • Website Content

  • Newsletters

  • Email Marketing

  • Ghost Writing

  • Social Media Content

  • Lead Magnets

Whether you know exactly what you want or aren’t sure and would like help, we’ll meet you where you’re at. You can even choose a package, such as getting four blogs per month that will showcase your expertise and help you climb the search engine results page.


How To Get Started

We don’t expect you to trust us without having a face-to-face. Let us meet with you during a free 15-minute discovery call. We can get to understand what you’re struggling with and determine which of our functional medicine marketing services are the right fit. Once we agree, we’ll get started on writing your awesome content and provide you with a finished product that you can start using immediately.